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Who we are? What we believe?

Modern Laser Machine, we give the definition

We believe modern people need a modern laser machine.

For a laser machine, safe,reliable,precision,strong, powerful is the basic requirements that must be satisfied. Besides,

a modern laser machine has to be fashionable.It should not be just a piece of cold metal sits there with peeling paint and

makes annoying noise.It can be a piece of modern art that decorate your place.It is not necessary gorgeous , just plain,

simple and clean is enough.A modern laser machine should be aesthetic,user friendly.It can be your good friend.

when you need him to do something,you can command it very easy, and it will react immediately.

A modern laser machine has to be faster.It has to be best suit the fast rhythm of your modern life. 

Aeon Laser cutting machine Desktop Laser Machine Mira Plus 7045 Laser Engraver For Acrylic ABS MDF 40w 60w 80w

A good design is the key.

 All you need is a good design after you realized the problems and determined to be better. As a Chinese saying says: It takes 10 years to sharpen a sword, a good design need very long time experience accumulation, and also it just need a flash of inspiration. AEON Laser Design team happened to get them all. The designer of AEON Laser got 10 years’ experience in this industry. With nearly two months’ day and night working, and numerous discuss and arguing, the final outcome is touching, people love it.

Details, details, still details…

 Small details make a good machine perfect, it can ruin a good machine in a second if not processed well. Most Chinese manufacturers just overlooked the small details.They just want to make it cheaper, cheaper and cheaper, and they lost the opportunity to get better.  

We paid much attention to the details from the beginning of design, in the manufacturing process  to the shipping of the packages. You could see a lot of small details that is different from other Chinese manufacturers on our machines, you could feel the consideration of our designer and our attitude to make good machines. 

Young and vital team

 AEON Laser got a very young team that full of vitality.The average age of the whole company is 25 year old.They all got infinite interests into the laser machines. They are energetic enthusiastic,patient and helpful, they love their job and are proud of what AEON Laser has achieved.  

A robust company will grow very fast for sure. We invite you to share the benefit of the growth, we believe cooperation will make good future.

We will be an idea business partner in the long term. No matter you are an end user who wants to buy your own applications or you are a dealer who wants to be leader of the local market,you are welcomed to contact us!






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