Overall Review

AEON MIRA7 is a professional desktop laser engraving machine. The working area is 700*450mm, with a water cooler, exhaust fan, and air pump built inside of the machine which is very compact, clean, and modern.

For this model, the condenser of the water cooler is enlarged, therefore, the cooling effect is greatly enhanced. And, as a professional model, it got a blade-cutting table as well as a honeycomb table. The air assists and exhaust blower installed inside are more powerful. The whole machine is built according to Class 1 Laser standards. The case is fully enclosed. Every door and window got locks, and also, it got a key lock for the main switch to prevent a non-authorized person to access the machine.

As a member of the MIRA Series, the MIRA7 engraving speed is also up to 1200mm/sec. The acceleration speed is 5G. The dust-proof guide rail ensures the engraving outcome is perfect. The red beam is the combiner type, which is the same as the laser path. Further, you could choose autofocus and WIFI to get an easier operation experience.

Overall, The MIRA7 is a more professional desktop machine. It can meet your requirements for speed, power, and running time. It is more strong and safe. It can be a very useful tool for your business.

Advantages of the MIRA7

MIRA 7 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine FAQs

Is the Mira 7 a CO2 laser?

The Mira 7 is a professional benchtop CO2 laser that includes the safety of a fully interlocked case and a keyed ignition.

How thick can a Mira 7 cut?

Mira 7 Laser can cut 0-20mm (depending on different materials)

What can Mira 7 cut?

The MIRA 7 laser is a glass CO2 laser tube suitable for engraving and cutting an array of materials including acrylic, plywood, and leather, rubber, and other nonmetal materials. Uncoated metals can also be engraved with the use of a ceramic marking compound.

Does the Mira 7 have a pass through?

The MIRA 7 laser does not have a pass-through, but the front access panel can be lowered to accommodate larger materials.

What is the bed size of a Mira 7 Laser?

The MIRA 7 laser has a 600 x 900mm electric up-and-down worktable.