NOVA Elite10 (1000mm*700mm 80W 100W Glass Tube)

Overall Review

Nova Elite10 is a professional co2 laser engraving and cutting machine. The working area is 700*1000mm Nova10 Elite’s engraving speed is faster than MIRA series machines. Up to 1200mm/sec, the acceleration speed is 5G, has the fastest speed in its class. The structure of the Nova10 elite is very strong, which makes it more steady. Nova Elite10 equipped with a honeycomb and a blade worktable and with a model 5200 chiller, makes it possible to install a 100W or even 130W laser tube. The Z-axis now increased to 200mm, so it can fit in higher products. The air assists system got a pressure gauge and regulator to give the users option to add a more powerful compressor to cut thicker materials. The front and back material pass-through door makes it possible to cut long materials.

Advantages of the Nova Elite10